Tuesday, May 12, 2009

mending the hole

"He that shall call a man from mending a hole in the wall of his house, to quench a fire that is consuming the whole building is not his enemy. Pour Soul! It is not your sore finger, but your hectic fever that you are to apply yourself to the consideration of. You set yourself against a particular sin and do not consider that you are nothing but sin."

-John Owen (Of Mortification of Sin)

"Talking about the blood of Jesus is gross. But it is not nearly as gross as the sin it deals with"

- Marc Driscoll

So often i find myself trying to clean myself up. Trying to muscle my out of my own brokenness w/ discipline and perseverance. But i always fall flat on my face. But only by embracing the wholeness of my brokenness & clinging to the work of Jesus blood on the cross am i ever clean. There is great freedom in admitting that every part of me is indeed broken. I am a great sinner, but Jesus is a greater savior.

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